Anyone who wishes to participate in the construction of the Cammino della Luce
can contact our Foundation


We turn especially to the brotherhoods, voluntary associations and parish organisations monasteries and convents of the places along the itinerary so that they become promoter  of the Christian welcome of the pilgrims in transit and want to look after and safeguard the stretch of the journey which falls within their own domain in every respect territory starting from the places of worship and the valorisation of the historical sites of the Romeo pilgrimage located along the road from Aquileia to Rome.

We thank in advance all those who want to send us historical information, precious
suggestions, useful indications, general and more detailed information to outline in a
more correct and usable way the ancient pilgrimage itinerary that we are reconstructing
and re-proposing to today’s pilgrims.

Anyone wishing to pay a contribution for the activities of the Foundation 
and the Centro Studi Via Amerina and Corridoio Bizantino can use bank 
current account: 
no. 2005 at Banco BPM Roma ag. 59 iban IT83N0503403259000000002005 
SWIFT code BAPPIT21D21 specifying the reason for the payment


we have been working for years to provide a service, information and useful proposals to everyone for free, also using our time and personal resources:

it’s something we like to do, but we could do much more and better if there
was a contribution, even minimal, from those who have benefited from our
service, from those who intend to benefit from it and from those who believe that a useful service has also been rendered to others , so that the Cammino can grow and become a true heritage for everyone…


it is possible to download detailed information on the Perugia/Assisi/Rome 
route and on the possible reception points by clicking here or on the page

20 Aprile a Passaggio

in addition to the classic arrows (carmine red) drawn at strategic points, 
we are gradually adding the signs reproduced below

cartello cammino 062


sintesi delle iniziative svolte dal 2005 al 2023

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